Paul Galmarini is a supporting partner within the operations of GloboPak

Posted by Admin | December 24th, 2013

Paul Galmarini is one of the two owners of GloboPak, along with Norma Galmarini. They founded the company together in 2009 and have grown it considerably since then. Paul Galmarini is a supporting partner within the operations of GloboPak. He is present at all of the major meetings, significant negotiation sessions, as well as industry shows. Paul Galmarini was instrumental in the founding of the company and has consistently used his prior business experience to negotiate and leverage deals that have been beneficial for the company. He previously worked as a commercial real estate broker and has certainly done everything in his power to use his experience to inform his business future. Paul Galmarini’s role is to add value by sourcing new capital relationships, maintaining strong client relationships, and guiding the strategic growth and business development activities of GloboPak.

Paul Galmarini has a background in the performance and study of classical guitar, prior to his involvement in brokerage and being a partner with GloboPak. He studied classical guitar at the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California. He operated a successful guitar performance regimen and teaching practice from 2000 until 2006 in Laguna Beach.

GloboPak is a family-run and operated business today, but its sales have been magnified over the last couple of years by a successful sales strategy, high quality products, and the hard work of people like Paul Galmarini. In 2010, GloboPak launched a sales platform that has subsequently proven to be very successful. The capital limitations that GloboPak has faced during that period makes the accomplishment even more impressive. This has prevented GloboPak from placing large scale orders for their customers. The core product that is sold by GloboPak is a corrugated plastic box that is used for agricultural packaging. Their products are made from high quality materials in order to ensure customer satisfaction in that regard.

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